Welcome! I tell stories, but my stories are not the written ones.

My name is Emilija, I'm 27 yo crazy Lithuanian girl living in England. I used to fix cars, race and go sideways. But office life got me. So now I just travel around the world taking photos of cars & races. Bare along with me on my journey.

What I like and read

I have a numerous favourite things, when I'm not out shooting or doing crazy stuff, I do read on web a lot and follow some insane people too.

  • Photo news

    The most useful stuff about photography, tips and tricks, and all the news.

  • My inspiration

    Some people are just better than others. This guy definitely knows how to tell a story.

  • My music

    I have the weirdest taste in music, from 90's classic to RnB or crazy reggaeton hits.

  • Pure joy

    Since my biggest passion is drifting, here are the guys who help me to follow along all the news. With the great sense of humour btw.

Be up to date

All the newest adventures you can find on my socials.