Story of Hungarian drift GP

Let’s be real here, who would miss a chance to be a part of drift, happening on an actual F1 track - Hungaroring, just outside the Budapest.

I have always wanted to combine my passion for traveling with drift and since I haven’t been on a proper vacation for a while I choose to drive to Hungary and shoot one of the drift races over there.

Track type was quite simple - steep hill climb with 180 degree wide loop turn at the very top and then long run down.Track conditions changed from wet, to semi-dry, to complete dry, so drivers really had where to push.





Races included drivers from all over the continent. From Finland to Italy and from Ireland to Ukraine.


MPO drift team came to show some nice team runs too.


Before the TOP 16, morning practice runs took place. And whom could’ve thought that this will be so an unfortunate one for Lithuanian driver Benediktas Čirba, who have crashed heavily straight into the barriers.


Great tech team of Benediktas with support from others and some immense amount of ducktape did not give up and brought the car back to life, to run in TOP16 battle against Andrius Vasiliauskas. But it was an easy fight for Vasiliauskas.




Due to a deflated tire, championship leader, Juha, has lost the TOP8 battle, opening doors to TOP4 for his opponent Fredrik Øksnevad.


In the TOP4 runs Fredrik battled against the fastest driver that day - Nigel Colfer. While on his lead run Nigel dived a bit too deep into the wide loop turn and smashed his rear end into the tires wall, which led to him straightening up a bit and giving a win and a pass to the final for Øksnevad.


In the battle for the 3rd place Nigel met a characteristic driver from Ukraine - Dmitriy Illyuk. However, Nigel did not let him to show any of that charism and did a perfect qualifying line claiming the spot on the podium.


The last battle of the day was Fredrik Øksnevad against Andrius Vasiliauskas.


All the battles were over and podium stands were clear. The winner of the day - Andrius Vasiliauskas, with Fredrik taking the second and Nigel the third places.


Since it was the last races of the season, the season trophies were given away. After counting all the points, just with a tiny advantage Juha Pöytälaakso took the season title, leaving Andrius Vasiliauskas with the second place and Fredrik Øksnevad with the 3rd in the overall.