Story of BDC - Concrete Jungle

Who doesn’t like having first times?!? I love it! And here is mine - first time at BDC, first time at Rockingham Speedway!

As some of you know, I moved to UK just recently. I promised for myself to try and attend as much BDC and IDC rounds as my pocket allows and I am accredit to ;D And it all began with the first round of BDC at Rockingham Speedway!

bdc3 bdc5

I was two days event ran by the drift boss - David Egan! Saturday was meant for Pro-AM competition with a little bit of Pro practice. Everyone braced for the hectic day - with the heavy rain and freezing weather forecasted. Believe me it was really cold. I think BDC guys sold a lot of merchandise, I saw people with few layers of BDC or Drift games hoodies and I myself was one of them ;D Tho Monster girls seemed to be just fine…


What made me surprised - the amount of JDM cars. As I am used to have 80% of the cars in competition to be BMWs, there was just a few here. Even the classic AE86 was brought here by the PRO driver from UAE Sultan Al Qassimi, representing the Lunatics by nature drift team, who has just been crowned a champion of the Emirates drift championship.

bdc25 bdc6 bdc7

One of the BMW owners - the Lithuanian driver Aurimas Vaskelis. THE driver with THE temper. All are used to see him kicking his car every time a driveshaft breaks and trust me - they break a lot :)))

bdc1 bdc8 bdc9

Overall the first day wasn’t very successful nor for the organizers nor for the competitors. The event was shut by 6PM due to really strict noise policy in the neighborhood and the TOP 4 fights of Pro-AM moved to the PRO competition day - Easter Sunday.

bdc18 bdc19 bdc16

While ones were rolling eggs others were burning tires.

bdc14 bdc24

Sunday started with morning practice. All went well till one of the UK Pro drivers, Simon Perry, blew the engine up. As he said afterwards - it’s a f*cking expensive engine.

bdc15 bdc13 bdc29 bdc27

Following the practice Pro-AM drivers finished their battles from yesterday. Third place was taken by Alistair Sutton, while the debut driver from Latvia, Kristians Burkovs, took the second nearly getting himself a first place, which he lost just by a mistake made on the track to Lee Scott.


The PRO qualifying took place after. Quite a few drivers scored a zero on the first runs and had to be really careful and precise on the second ones. Luckily, the LT driver Aurimas proved his abilities with the second run and got himself between the TOP24 drivers.

bdc48 bdc47 bdc17 bdc46

With the qualifying done, drivers had some time with the fans at meet & greet on the track.

bdc30 bdc31 bdc32

Battles waited ahead.


Top 24 went flawlessly, all drivers that I had my eyes on passed to TOP 16, the Latvian from Pro-AM, Kristians, Lithuanian driver Aurimas and the guest driver from UAE Sultan.

bdc33 bdc34 bdc35

Sadly all these three had to acknowledge the opponents’ advantage and leave the fight while in TOP 16. Btw, you won’t believe, but Aurimas broke the driveshaft.. :D He promised to make the new ones from the train rails. Those are made out of tough metal.


Coming battles didn’t cause too much drama.

bdc37 bdc38 bdc39

The final TOP 4 drivers were two Irish and two British guys.

bdc43 bdc44

Duane McKeever - the driver seemed never lost a single battle. Did he manage to prove himself? Indeed he did. The driver locked a first place on the podium leaving Driftworks driver Martin Richards with the second place. The third place on the Pro stand that day was taken by Irish driver Kevin Quinn.


Stick around for next adventure while I go to the second round of BDC at Teesside Autodrome.