Story of Baltic - Season opening in Riga

Bikernieku trase” - this is how locals call this little paradise in Baltic. It holds memories of many race and today it’’s a special occasion here! 10 years it’’s been since the first official tires’ smoke was rolled on this track and over a 1oo drivers have gathered to salute the Latvian drift!


Every driver I ever asked said they love this track. This is the reason why every year drivers come back here to start their season.

riga43 riga42

Three countries, three leagues and three days. Unfortunately I got to be there for one day only.


As per usual the race opens with drivers’ parade on the main track. All drivers running that day get their minutes of fame.

riga37 riga38 riga36

The real action starts with qualification. This time only 19 drivers pass to the tandems battles.

riga35 riga34 riga33 riga22

Just right before the PRO league’s tandem battles, the PRO AM takes the track to finish up their battles.

riga31 riga27

PRO AM doesn’t take long to finish up and TOP 32 of PRO league starts with just three battles, no bye-runs saving the time. First competitors are being knocked out and TOP 16 drivers roll out to the track.

riga47 riga24

Race wouldn’t be one if no crashes happen. This time Estonian E30 gets it’s ass smashed into the wall and becomes an e30 compact within a blink of an eye.


As battles go, spectators expect Janis Eglite to claim the throne again, however for everyone’s surprise he gets knocked out in the TOP8.

riga10 riga21 riga20 riga11 riga6 riga15

TOP4 aligns with Linas Klevinskas representing LT, Ingus Jekabsons and Eriks Ulass for LV and Harold Valdma - the young star from Estonia.

riga32 riga4 riga5

As the day comes to an end and my flight back to London is in less than two hours, the final pair gets the OMT.


And here it comes, the last corner of the last battle. First round of Baltic drift championship and the first place this year goes to Eriks Ulass, his mate Ingus Jakabsons gets the second and the third one is claimed by Harold Valdma leaving LT driver Linas Klevinskas behind the podium.


Let’s end the day with the nice note shall we? - #mydrinkingteamhasaracingproblem.