Story of FastLap - Life style being built for 10 years

Every event I go - is a little different. Every FastLap I go - is massively different from any previous one. FastLap has been around for 10 years now, I’ve been involved with them for 7. I’ve started as a track marshal after my friend offered me to join the team, now - it’s just a part of my life.

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FastLap originators strongly believe that everyone should have a right to race. Thereupon time attack and lap races include street classes, when everyone can come. Certainly, there are some safety measures to be met, but as long as you can afford to have a helmet, gloves and racing suit, wherever you are driving 20yrs old Honda Civic or Audi R8, you are welcome here.

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All drivers before the race day have to pass technical inspection and qualification. After that’s done, they are good to go for Saturday’s funday.

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Last Saturday FastLap opened the tenth season of time attack, lap race and for the first time ever - endurance race season. Thus, the whole event was way more - Polish circuit championship came to be a part of event for the first time, Semi-Pro 2nd stage of LT championship took place in the inner track, VIP low park included huge variety of stance cars, night drift show that started right before sunset, stunt raiders shows, while breaks between runs and many more fun, family friendly activities!

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Every season new race ideas come to life. Last season the controversial Rally Race took place in the circuit. This season started with Night Endurance 2,2hrs race and a round of Polish circuit championship.

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The day was amazing, perfect weather, superb vibe, strong and dedicated team made sure everything went smoothly as possible. Time attack, Lap race had many rookies on the podiums, Semi-Pro drift - for the first time ever - a lady - Deimantė Radzevičiūtė, who finished second after loosing for way more experienced guy - Igor Martinov.

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Kudos to everyone who made this day so awesome, especially for the original FastLap idea author Mr. FastLap - Giedrius Čenkus.

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Looking forward coming back again in August. 10/10 would recommend for You my dear reader to be there too!

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Btw - here is the winner of the day - Neste Dream 2 drive team!