Story of BDC - Return to Autodrome - Teesside

After my first appearance at BDC event in April I kicked my social anxiety in the ass and made quite a few friends. And due to that, I was convinced that I must get myself out for the second round, that’s happening at Teesside Autodrome. With a little help from my new friend I got a pleasant ride to the track.


It was nothing I’ve expected. Due to all my previous go-cart tracks experience, I hoped to see tiny, narrow track and instead it was wide, long bank ride 3rd gear track. Spectators seem to love this track, no matter the weather.

bdcts87 bdcts39

The number of drivers just proved the track being appealing to most of them. Saturday reveled most of them, with few more PRO drivers showing up for main PRO event the next day.


Saturday, as always, in BDC was PRO-AM day, with just a bit over an hour of PRO practice. I’ve tried to spend this day focused on drivers and finding all the best spots to shoot on the track.

bdcts61 bdcts76 bdcts80 bdcts81 bdcts45 bdcts75

One thing that amazed me so much - number of female drivers in the championship. Strong drivers in competitive cars, having all the support from the grid. I know that one day I will see them on the podium.

bdcts64 bdcts84

I’ve stayed the track while PRO-AM qualification, which was won by Ricky Lawrence scoring 87.7 on the board.

bdcts70 bdcts77 bdcts78 bdcts74

The rest of the day I’ve decided to take of the photography and just enjoying the competition till the rain started.. so I could have an excuse to get away and watch FD round in New Jersey.


Sunday - the PRO competition day started with practice that took a bit over a couple hours. Day looked promising, grey ish English sky said no rain (kinda) and loads of smoke for spectators to enjoy.

bdcts57 bdcts60 bdcts55 bdcts48 bdcts49

Qualifying went smoothly with couple zeros scored drivers on the board and Martin Richards scoring 95 with his second qualifying run and knocking out Aurimas Vaskelis to second place with 93 score on the board.

bdcts35 bdcts42 bdcts38 bdcts41

After qualification spectators had a chance to meet their idols on the track, check their cars or get a selfie with Monster girls.

bdcts33 bdcts29

As much as it would be fun to have drivers chilling with the fans - competition must go on. TOP 24 battle were the ones that followed.

bdcts27 bdcts28

I wish I could say competition was easy - but with so many good drivers on the grid OMTs were inevitable. Duane Mckeever almost suffered a lost in TOP 16 to a PRO-AM driver from Quinnsmsport team, who was one of the dominants in yesterday’s PRO-AM competition.

bdcts21 bdcts19 bdcts25 bdcts23 bdcts17

Martin Richards had to acknowledge the defeat in TOP 4 battle against team Japspeed driver after unfortunate mistake in his lead run.

bdcts12 bdcts11

Although his 3rd place battle was easily won, when he killed his lead run, while his opponent did a mistake diving too deep on a bank and ended up in the gravel.

crash bdcts7

No one was surprised when the podium aligned as following - 3rd place Martin Richards, 2nd place Paul Smith and still undefeated this season - 1st place podium winner - Duane Mckeever.


I cannot sit still waiting for the next round in Scotland - Driftland. Many thanks in advance for DriftWorks for getting me there ;D