Story of BDC - Is it hard to find a venue for drifting?

I’ve been helping to organize drift events for many years. There are lots of components, but one is essential – drift track. The main issue today – classic racing venues are either not willing to let drifting in or are extremely expensive. There is a solution for that – private go-kart tracks. One of them in UK is Three Sisters Circuit.


British Drift Championship brought the 4th round of Pro-AM and PRO competitions to this track.

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Pit zone at this venue isn’t that great. Half of it is gravel and other half - paved. It does make things complicated. On a rainy day mechanics are stuck in mud fixing cars and everything gets messy. With more than 70 cars on BDC grid it was really tight to fit everyone for this event.

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The circuit itself is pretty narrow, but it’s the perfect size for those who want to have close tandem battles.

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The last part of the track has a great area for spectators, long bank can fit all the drift fans with a perfect view for everyone.

3sisterbdc200 3sisterbdc19 3sisterbdc201 3sisterbdc206

Start line for drift layouts can be placed on various track bits. BDC guys chose a shorter version, forcing drivers to have less speed at the first corner, which helped to have close tandem runs.

3sisterbdc145 3sisterbdc111 3sisterbdc93 3sisterbdc109 3sisterbdc90 3sisterbdc53 3sisterbdc97

I found Three Sisters Circuit perfectly suitable for drifting and I’m sure most of the drivers would agree with me. Especially the guys on the podium. Fingers crossed, more tracks like this are willing to open doors for this exclusive type of motorsport to help to keep it growing.

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